Letting Go … minimalismo!


To live simply is to find joy in the little things: sitting by the window, listening to the rhythmic patter of raindrops, and indulging in books solely for the pleasure they bring, untethered from the pressures of exams or assessments. It is to create for the sake of creation itself, liberated from the need to prove anything to others. It is to embrace the body’s natural rhythms, surrendering to the gentle embrace of sleep and awakening gradually, with no urgent destination pulling us away. Living simply means shedding the artificial constraints that humanity so often imposes upon itself, and instead basking in the freedom to just be — unbounded, infinite, and at peace.

Minimalism is rooted in the spiritual life. It is the stripping away of our mindless self-indulgences; pursuing that which is holy rather than superficial. It is more than de-cluttering and reducing ‘things’ in one’s life – it’s creating space for more meaningful ones.

Through minimalism, we practice the art of letting go. A través del minimalismo, practicamos el arte de dejar ir.

We are unique, each individual with a different plight or challenge and purpose in life. Of course it is all right to have possessions since they are necessary here on earth, however, it should not be burdensome nor should it wield power over our lives. It should not define us nor our eternal fate since it has no eternal value.

For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. – 1 Timothy 6:6

If our hearts are set on worldly pleasures and possessions, it will indeed be a stumbling block to our joy, peace, and freedom. Society encourages us to acquire more and chase after possessions, with the false promise of satisfaction and security. However, this ‘satisfaction’ is elusive.

Embracing minimalism entails:
Reflecting on your life and establishing priorities.
Assessing your belongings and their value to you.
Examining how you allocate your time.
Considering the people you surround yourself with.
Establishing boundaries and setting limits.
Avoiding multitasking and focusing on one task at a time.
Reassessing your goals and aspirations.
Taking small steps towards minimalism.
Living intentionally and with purpose.
Reducing screen time and moderating media consumption.
Continuously asking yourself: Does this contribute to a more minimalist lifestyle?

If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down. Si quieres volar, tienes que renunciar a las cosas que te pesan.

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  1. Well written and truly inspired. You can see God’s hand guiding the author. Well done! You truly an example to me and many others. God bless.

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