Tastes of Lebanon in Abu Dhabi!

Souk Abu Dhabi

Let’s be honest! We all love food … “good” food that is! And with so many diverse cultures in the world, we’re spoiled for choice. Growing up, the concept of ‘breaking bread’ was central to our family connection and culture, each family gathering a gastronomic affair.

Authentic Italian, French, Latin American, Cape Malay, Greek and Lebanese cuisine are my absolute favorites. I intend on sharing more of my taste experiences on the blog, which brings me to the Abd El Wahab, a restaurant located in the Souk, next to the Shangri La Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Abd El Wahab Restaurant, Grand Mosque

Abd El Wahab is a Lebanese restaurant that offers an exceptional Middle Eastern experience. During the winter months (October – March), do reserve a table on the restaurant patio as it offers a great view of dhows sailing by and a picturesque view of the Grand Mosque. I highly recommend this UAE hotspot (in Dubai as well) for a true Lebanese experience with amazing food (pomegranate deluxe), lively atmosphere, good wine and Mouassal, a type of shisha, molasses tobacco with distinct flavors. Para mí, vino tinto por favor … no shisha!

Lebanese Cuisine stuffed vine leaves

Hommus Beiruti

Oh, Fattoush, I simply enjoy Lebanese cuisine!  … ‘Fattoush’ is a vibrant, popular Middle Eastern salad comprised of colorful veg, toasted flatbread and dashed with a citrusy dressing.

Grilled Halloumi Fekhar Shrimps Sausages

Vernaiolo Chianti

Ghazl el Banet Lebanese Dessert

Watermelon Ghazel el Banet

Mafroukeh Lebanese Dessert

I’ve dined at Abd El Wahab on numerous occasions and have always been impressed. The manager is quite dapper and always so efficient. He will be more than happy to make some personal recommendations on the menu.

Until next time!

Maa Salama! (Arabic for Goodbye, take care)

BM Natalia xo

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