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“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”  – Psalms 119:105

It has been a while, dear muses! I have been traveling quite a bit over the past couple of months and despite good intentions; have failed to keep up with my musings on the blog. The absence of writing has made my heart grow fonder though. Today I woke up with renewed energy, travel memories (of which I look forward to sharing with you) and a craving for pancakes.

 “Tu palabra es una lámpara a mis pies, y una luz en mi sendero.” – Salmos 119:105

Además panqueques (besides pancakes), Psalm 119 infused my thoughts over breakfast this morning. I pray that He sheds more and more light on what He wants to do through my life. I had recently set the ball in motion on an unrelenting dream. I’ve been toying with it for many years without fully understanding its dynamic and requirement of me. Like most of us, we want to see the whole plan, from beginning to end. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. There are no guarantees, only uncertainty. Light is cast down our path when we trust God and take the next step in faith.

I felt stuck on this particular dream or goal for a very long time because of a variety of obstacles, procrastination and also truly not understanding whether it’s my will or His. In light of this, Psalm 119 has brought fresh revelation on God’s presence and guidance in the unknown. I was reminded that God increasingly sheds His light when we meditate on His word in study, prayer and obedience. He does not shed light on our entire course but only in steps, one day at a time.

So for today, over pancakes and Psalms, let’s trust God and His living word to light the way while we walk through this world. Without His direction and supernatural leading, we are merely shooting in the dark.

Trusting a known God with an unknown future …

BM Natalia xo

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