Wine, Vrede en Lust!

The Western Cape  in South Africa is home to magnificent wine farms. There are dime a dozen in the Cape Winelands. Its superb wine tasting and artisanal cuisine coupled with gorgeous landscapes, rich history and century old architecture makes it swoon-worthy. Asking one to pick a favorite is like asking a mother to pick a favorite child.

vredeenlust wine estate arches

After visiting the beloved Babylonstoren farm with its paradise garden, take a right turn off Klapmuts – Simondium Road before the R45 intersection and you’ll literally discover ‘peace and delight’, i.e. the Vrede en Lust wine estate.

wine estate

vrede en lust historyOne would think that it’s brand new but it is more than 300 years old, rich in character and history. The Vrede en Lust Estate was found in 1688 then developed as a land of wheat, barley and wine by 1692 and then resurrected in 1996 to the glorious wine estate that it is today. I simply adore its history in that this farmland had originally been allocated to a Flemish merchant who fled Europe due to religious persecution. Later, a Protestant church was built on the estate.

vrede en lust wine estate

Vrede en Lust was love at first sight that grew into full blown commitment after the first taste. Likened to falling in love with a cherished lover, the more and more you learn; the more your love flourishes into something quite intense.

vrede en lust

vrede en lust

A personal favorite from the Vrede en Lust’s wine selection is their Pinot Noir 2015 vintage, aged in French oak barrels with hints of strawberry and red berries. According to Wine Folly, “if you love Pinot Noir you’re the person who loves the idea of the beach but hates sand in between your toes. Pinot Noir is the ideal wine because it’s not too fruity, not too herbaceous, not too tannic and not too bold. Your go-to color to wear is gray. You have a silver car.¡En serio! … jaja

vrede en lust wine estate

Wine tasting and ambling around the estate done and on to a scrumptious lunch at Lust Bistro & Bakery.

lust bistro bakery

lust bistro bakery lust bistro bakery lust bistro bakery

The restaurant has an open, modern design and pleasant, home folk ambience. Whether you’re eating off the á la carte menu or their daily blackboard offering, neither will disappoint.

vrede en lust bistro bakery

lust bistro bakery

Great hospitality by amazing staff; warm, friendly hearts of gold! Look out for these natives, Flora (sí, una flor : ) and Alrich.

After a wholesome meal, there’s nothing left but to toast the amazing trip and look forward to the next visit to the Cape Winelands, South Africa.

Un abrazo,

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