Coral Ecru


A whisper from the sea captured in a still life photograph of an intricately formed coral, meticulously preserved in its natural state. The coral’s gentle curves and intricate patterns are showcased in exquisite detail, portraying its organic elegance. The ecru tones, ranging from pale creams to subtle beige, lend a soft and ethereal quality to the image.

The choice of ecru as the dominant color palette evokes a sense of serenity and timelessness, reminiscent of the serene hues found in coastal landscapes. The absence of vibrant colors allows for a focus on the intricate textures and delicate nuances of the coral, capturing the viewer’s attention and fostering a contemplative mood.

Fine Art Print – archival grade.

Printed by order.

Limited edition print – only 100 prints produced.

PS: Print only – unframed!

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Fine Art Print – high-quality, FCS- certified paper with a beautiful matte texture, each print is archival grade for longevity.

Print only – unframed.

Framed print available on request.

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PS. Slight color variations may appear due to individual monitor settings.

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Small 50 x 75cm, Medium 60 x 90cm, Large 80 x 120cm