Gracefully Curving Bunny Tail


This minimalist fine art print captures the delicate beauty of a bunny tail stem cast in ethereal light. with its slender form gracefully curving downward. The light that illuminates the stem is soft and gentle, casting a warm glow that highlights the fine details of the stem’s surface.

The simplicity of this image belies its power to evoke a sense of wonder and tranquility. The bunny tail stem seems to float weightlessly in the air, suspended in a moment of stillness and quiet. The play of light and shadow creates a sense of depth and dimensionality, drawing the viewer into the image and inviting contemplation.

This fine art print is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the power of light to transform even the most humble of objects into works of art. It is a timeless and elegant addition to any home or office, a reminder to slow down and appreciate the subtle beauty that surrounds us every day.

Fine Art Print – archival grade.

Printed by order.

Limited edition print – only 100 prints produced.

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Fine Art Print – high-quality, FCS- certified paper with a beautiful matte texture, each print is archival grade for longevity.

Print only – unframed.

Framed print in a different size available on request.

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PS. Slight color variations may appear due to individual monitor settings.


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Small 50 x 75cm, Medium 60 x 90cm, Large 80 x 120cm